Loving Highlights or the Game?

I was to the Elite Baseball Development Podcast by Eric Cressey. On episode 15 his guest on the show was hitting coach Bobby Tewksbary. One thing that I heard that stuck with me as a coach is that how the younger athletes of today are bombarded with some much media and technology. Most youth leagues emphasize games over practice. Did you lose the game? No big deal because we will just play again and there will be a ribbon for you at the end.

Kids don’t sit down to watch full games of a sport since they can get on their phones and watch You Tube highlights all day. Then they go out and try to replicate the “me” moments like a big bat flip after a home run or a goal dance celebration when they score. What they don’t do is practice and work to get better at the skills needed to play their sport. They don’t watch the game for all the small things the pro athletes do to be there and or they imagine how hard they work to stay there.

Get to the gym with a coach like me to start building basic strength and movement patterns. Sessions should start at twice a week if possible. Sport skills can be included to make the sessions more fun, which it should always be fun. Active warm ups learned in the gym should be carried over to practice. This can lower your chance of injury. Preparing yourself at practice will then give you your best chance to be successful in games.

Love the game not the highlights.

Happy 4th of July!!